Kit de connexion Clé USB/HF
Easy connection par radio to your loggerAvelour 7 - New version

Programming kit USB/HF key

  • The kit includes an USB / HF key  and the software Avelour 7 in its full version and latest release
  • Instant connection with the nearby sensors
  • The intuitive interface adapts itself to connected sensor
  • Assisted and fast setting, consolidated summary
  • Backup data and settings
  • Work safely by staying away from your measuring points


    This kit is an radio access point with internal antenna to connect to a PC, laptop or tablet with Windows OS and allows you to communicate by radio communication (RFID) to sensors and data logger, configure, retrieve, view and export data.

HF Communication with the USB key

All sensors and loggers from Ijinus are RFID tagged. The USB key is an access point and allows to connect quickly locally to them with security.
Just plug it to your computer and open the software Avelour to connect to them

Avelour 7

AVELOUR is a software for the analysis and configuration of IJINUS products:  sensors, data loggers, concentrators, probes,…
It is the unique software for all environmental devices you want to program. It offers :

  • Intuitive interface that adapts itself to the connected device
  • The configuration is assisted step by step. Afterwards, you get a recapitulation summary.
  • Multi curves display of your data
  • Back-up are available for both data and settings
  • Compare different graphs from different sensors


Configuration stick : Wiji USB-HF




  • Water & wastewater
  • CSO monitoring
  • Remote level, flow, volume monitoring solutions
  • Flood warning systems


  • Bin management
  • Temperature traçability


Programming kit USB/HF key

Connector USB 1
Radio RSSI Yes
Radiated RF power 1…10mW (-30 … +10 dBm)
Transmission rate … 250 kbps
Sensibility -94 dbm
Operating temperature -20 … 70°C
Frequencies / part number 868MHz : WIJIKEY-8
915MHz : WIJIKEY-9


Dimensions 70 x 23 x 9mm
Weight 13g






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