Aiguille de traçage PipeMic M équipée d'un hydrophone pour une détection rapide des fuites d'eau
Recherche de fuite grace au PipeMicAiguille de traçage pour la recherche de fuiteInsertion de l'aiguille de traçage PipeMic dans la conduite d'eau potable

PipeMic M & L pipe tracing reels with hydrophone


  • Efficiency on all types of pipes PE / PVC / Metallic
  • Connection directly in the pressurized water line, up to 16 bars
  • Fiberglass cable length of 50m (PipeMic M) or 80m (PipeMic)
  • Probe insertion diameter of 12mm
  • For pipe diameter 20 to 150
  • Integrated odometer
  • Direct listening of leak noises on Bluetooth device
  • Integrated disinfection tank to clean the sensor while pushing cable
  • Several leaks are identifiable in a single operation

Pipe tracing reels equipped with hydrophone for pipe localisation and precise leak detection in drinking water pipes.

Pipe tracing reels equipped with hydrophone PipeMic M & L


Features PipeMic M & L

Sensor – Flexible sensor head Ø 12mm
– Integrated transmitting antenna (for detection)
– Hydrophone frequencies from 10Hz to 10.000Hz
– Max generator power : 5W, 10W max
– IP68 protection (up to 16 bars, 100°C)
– Working temperature : 0°C to 80 C
Cable and frame – Coated fiberglass cable Polykat 4.5mm
– Breaking force : 10.3kN
– Max bending angle : 100mm
Cable length : 50M (PipeMic M), 80m (PipeMic L)
– Aluminium frame
Dimensions : 570 x 400 x 160mm
Weight : 7kg (for 50M cable)
– Integrated odometer
– Locking system for the disinfectant tank during transport
Connection – Pressure lock up to 16 bars
GEKA coupling 3/4 male and female for meter
DN15 (small or long)
– disinfectant tank
Connection and pairing Unit – IP66 protection (excluding battery compartment)
– Battery 9V for 8 hours autonomy
– Bluetooth 2.0, class 2, frequency 2.4GHz
– Range : 10 meters
– LED noise level indicator (10 stage bargraph)
– Batterie level indicator
– Bluetooth pairing indicator
– MUTE function
– 9mm sockets for connecting the tracing generator

Bluetooth devices

Portable Bluetooth Speaker (included with PipeMic)
Bluetooth 2.0, class 2, IP65
Audio Output : 5Wx2
Charge: 5V 1A
Charging time: 3-4H
Autonomy : 8 hours
Standby time : ≥10 days
Speaker frequency response : 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Battery capacity : 4000mAh
Dimensions : 170 x 68 x 64mm
Bluetooth headset (optional)
Li Ion battery
Autonomy : about 8 hours
Bluetooth 2.0, class 2, frequency 2.4GHz
Wireless range : 10 meters
Dongle Bluetooth (option)
Pour raccorder notre gamme d’écoute AQUA M (Aqua M-100, M-200, M-300)
Pile Li Ion intégrée
Autonomie : env. 6 heures
Bluetooth 2.0, classe 2, fréquence 2.4GHz
Portée : 10 mètres
Bluetooth dongle(optional)
to connect our AQUA M : (Aqua M 100, M 200, M
Integrated Li Ion battery
Autonomy : 6 hours
Bluetooth 2.0, class 2, frequency 2.4GHz
Wireless range : 10 meters
Pipe locator (optional), and its 33khz generator
Battery level indicator , Bluetooth level indicator
Backlit display : 240 x 400 pixels
Housing : reenforced ABS
Power supply : 6 x AA Alkaline or rechargeable lithium
Autonomy : about 2 hours for Alkaline,
About 40 50 hours for Li ion battery
Dimensions : 69cm x 28cm x 7.5cm
Weight : 2.2kg
Generator : max power 1W




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