Compact battery powered logger GPRS

LOG08V3 – Wireless loggers 4-20mA – Metering


  • Multi Applications data loggers
  • Wireless setting with Rfid technology
  • Communication : HF / GSM / GPRS in 3G / Sigfox
  • Memory : 500 000 measures
  • Rugged & compact, sealing IP68 (Tested at 1 bar during 30 days
  • Access point HF / Modbus / GPRS
  • 2x counter inputs, 2x 4-20 mA (2 wires) inputs
  • 1x voltage output (8,8V…24V), 1x open collector output
  • Remotely access data with Ijitrack web platform & Wiji mobile app

The LOG08V3 logger is dedicated to water meter applications (flow meter connection), line pressure or fire hydrant. The data logger is robust, autonomous, communicating at least in radio locally and depending on the model HF / GSM-GPRS in 3G, or HF / Sigfox

Wireless data logger LOG08V3

liste_arrow The logger LOG08V3 applications:
– Record of pulses from water meter
– Pressure metering and logging of drinking water networks
– Water pressure control
– Fire hydrant pressure control

liste_arrow Communication by radio et configuration
Via our HF/USB programming kit, you configure the Logger on-site by radio with direct connection. This configuration is assisted (the software adapts itself to the connected device, configuration templates are proposed, summary of the configuration at each stage …). Data are then collected locally at the installation site fo analysis.

liste_arrow Remote monitoring communication GSM-GPRS 3G modem / SIGFOX
The LOG08V3 logs up to 500 000 measurements. Also an access point and retrieve data from other Ijinus devices present in its radio field. It then sends all data to a SCADA software according to the selected transmission mode GSM / GPRS / 3G / SIGFOX, and the desired sending period (or if a threshold has been configured).


Data logger LOG08V3

Logger memory 500 000 measures
Access point Yes HF/GPRS
Inputs 2x counter inputs, 2x 4-20 mA (2 wires)
Outputs Radio HF (868 or 915 MHz),
GSM / GPRS with 3G modem, Sigfox
1x voltage output (8,8V…24V),
1x open collector output
Radio communication Distance of 100m in its radio range (Wiji protocol)
Antenna : HF / GSM ¼ wave length / Quad band
See configurator on the data sheet
Operating temperature -40 … 85°C
Housing PA12
Sealing IP68 : Tested at 1 bar during 30 days
(Only if an Ijinus bracket is used (PN : H0T00053 or H0T00060), sensor connected to the logger connector
Energy Replaceable Lithium Battery : 3,6V 34Ah
Wireless programming kit (PN : M0C0000x), includes the configuration software AVELOUR 6


Dimensions :

dimensions Ø 74 x 160mm (without antenna)
Net weight 302g
dimension L0G08V3






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