Solutions for silo & tank monitoring

  • Process: Continuous monitoring of stocks or material flows

  • Measurement: Inventory and supplying of factories’ stocks – Storage temperature Control

  • Remote stocks control:: Control of deported or isolated stock for animal feeds factories, cement industry, breeders, customers…


Monitoring solutions for industry

SOLID : Cement, aggregate, plastic ball, sand, wood chip, cereals, dairy product, sugar, mineral materials, flour, granules, crumb, …
LIQUIDS : Cement additive, fuel oil, water, glue, molasses, oil and grease, amino acids, organic acids, liquid and pasty additives …

Smart Industry Sensors - Data Loggers - Web Services

Level measurement by digital ultrasonic probe

Remote setup and maintenance

PLC connection

Data access on web platform

Benefits : Time, Safety, Productivity

Ultrasonic driver GU – Communicating generators for ultrasonic probes SU

On-site wireless configuration via radio (Wiji® Protocol), or remotely via GPRS
GPRS Communication (3G modem) in option
Connectivity CAN Bus (IJICAN®) / Modbus on RS485 / Current Loop Output
Memory : 100 000 measurements
ATEX (3D – zone 22) compatibility

Ultrasonic Level probes

SU1500: 40KHz 0.4…15m / Atex : SU1500-Ex
SU2500: 30KHz 0.6…25m / Atex : SU2500-Ex
Cable lenght = 5m


Tank level monitoring - ultrasonic driver GU2500 installed

Sensor for silo - Ijinus

Feed level measurement in breeders silo

Level sensor 0.4…10m external sensor. the top part integrate electronic, energy and communication using GPRS. The bottom part include the ultrasonic sensor, located inside the silo. · LNU1000-0-80X-C1-GSM / Master sensor / access point · LNU1000-0-80X-C1 / Slave sensor


Level sensors installed on remote tanks

HF/Modbus access point

Access point HF / Modbus / 3G

Access point to retrieve by radio data from other sensors and transmit them by GSM/GPRS/Modbus 485/local display AP1-MOD-80X-3G (868MHz) AP1-MOD-90X-3G (915MHz)



Web platform & Wiji App

Web Interface to supervise all your data, manage your clients accounts, export data in detailed reports : – Simple and intuitive interface – An App for Androide & IOS – Management tools for users, clients, locations… – Protected Data Access


App Wiji available on android and IOS


Multi channel colour display

This device is a touch panel used to monitor silo or tank level. It uses a modbus connection as a master to retrieve data from a radio access point: F0D00006


Smart industry - Instrumentation solutions - Ijinus Claire group

Necessary informations for the installation

Exact silos dimensions with sketch (provided by the customer or the fitter) Type of food: flour, granulated, crumb … Type of silo (smooth or corrugated sides – right or deported cone) Number of silos (1 master sensor for a maximum of 8 silos in the standalone solution) Maximum distance radio communication between silos / Touch panel